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Why Neurofeedback? A Bit of My Story

Hi, I'm Dr. Karen Shue, a psychologist with training in clinical neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation. I have worked in Toronto, Ontario with people living with brain injury since 1988, helping them to follow-through with their physician's recommendations and to learn to "cope" with the changes in their abilities and lives. Then my own arthritis history caught up with me and I had a serious flare that virtually incapacitated me. I saw a rheumatologist, but couldn't bring myself to take the medications she recommended. Nor could I accept the idea of learning to "cope" with my disability. Then I realized what a hypocrite I was! I expected my clients to accept and learn to cope and compensate; but when it came to myself, I wanted to get rid of disability! When I came across the neurofeedback literature, I realized I would be much more satisfied helping people to possibly get rid of barriers than learning to cope with them and my switch was started.

What is neurofeedback and what is it good for?

I've developed this site to answer those questions in detail, but just to get started let's take a brief look....

The most popular form of neurofeedback is also known as brain biofeedback, EEG biofeedback, or more simply -- brain training. It's based on the scientific finding that we can all learn to change our brain's functioning through feedback about brain wave activity. There are different ways to do this and we'll talk more about that in a bit. Can't wait? Skip to the bottom of the page and read the article "About Neurofeedback". if you just have to know more right away!

Neurofeedback has been shown to have positive effects in a number of areas, especially what we'll call the "big 6". Imagine being able to reduce or eliminate:


  • sleep problems
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • attention problems
  • signs of depression
  • pain


If you change these areas, you also tend to find broader changes in the way you think and feel.

Neurofeedback is also used as a tool for personal evolution and spiritual growth, even when people don't have any particular "problems" they want to "fix".

So, can you see why I got excited about neurofeedback?

"But why would training my brain potentially help in all these different areas?", you might be asking.

Good question! It's because the brain is always working with every other key system in our bodies - our immune system, endocrine system, cardiac system, digestive system -- so if we positively change part of this interconnected brain-body network, we're likely to start healthy changes throughout the whole thing! You can read more about each of the "big 6" areas and how the brain is involved in articles on this site.

Am I claiming that training your brain can cure these problems? That it's a replacement for other treatments?

No - not necessarily. Neurofeedback is not a specific treatment for any particular disorder. It's a tool for working directly with your brain to enhance its functioning - to give you a brain that works as efficiently and effectively as possible. It may reduce or even eliminate the need for medications or enhance the effects of treatments you are receiving, but you would always review any changes with your involved health professionals.

Have I got your interest?

Enough general information! You probably have lots of questions....

If you wish to contact me directly about how neurofeedback may be useful for you or if you have comments to share about my site, you can use the form at the "Contact" page on the menu at the left.

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