I'd be delighted to talk with you...

...about how neurofeedback might be useful for your health or personal evolution goals.

There are 3 common reasons you might ask to speak with me:

1: Services: You are in Toronto or nearby looking for neurofeedback services

If you are in the Toronto region, you might want to speak about what you're hoping to impact with neurofeedback or have questions about my processes (fees, location, etc.). (Please be aware that I`m not licensed in Ontario to work with children.)

I look forward to speaking with you about how we might work together with your brain to positively impact your health and personal development!

2: Personal Consultation: You aren't near-by, but you want an informed opinion

If you are outside the "commutable" Toronto area, but have questions about whether neurofeedback is a good option for you, you might want to have a personal conversation with me about options, uses of neurofeedback ... whatever might be on your mind about your brain and neurofeedback.

3 Practice Consultation: You want to start a practice of your own

Or, if you are interested in exploring starting up a practice in neurofeedback and have questions about how to get started, you might want to talk with me about how to choose an approach, how to talk about neurofeedback to others, etc.

I'll do what I can to help!

Next Step:

If any one or more of these sounds of interest to you, the first step is for us to share some additional information with each other.

I have an on-line form that gives you some more detailed information about my practice and how I work -- kind of my own version of an FAQ page.

I'll ask you to review that first -- just so we'll be able to determine if my approach might be a good fit for you or not.

If yes, then for Neurofeedback Services, you'll be given a link to make a telephone appointment so we can connect directly.

If it looks like you might be better served by something else, I'll try to make some suggestions for your next steps, so I don't just leave you hanging!

If you are looking for a Personal or Practice Consultation, you'll be directed to a payment page and then onto the scheduler.


Thank you for your interest! Here`s the link... See you "on the other side", as they say!

Neurofeedback Services Enquiry FAQs

Personal or Practice-Building Neurofeedback Consultations (skips the service FAQs)